Machinery Breakdown

Machinery Breakdown

Machinery Insurance covers Plant and Machinery against all sudden and unforeseen damages due to accidents, collision or any other physical damage.

Machinery Insurance was developed to provide effective insurance cover for plant, machinery and mechanical equipment at work, at rest or during maintenance operations. All type of Machinery, Plant, electrical and mechanical equipment may be covered under Machinery Insurance against “all risks accident” supplementing the coverage offered by fire insurance.


Loss or damage covered under machinery insurance due to the following causes:

  • Faulty design
  • Faults at workshop or in erection
  • Defects in casting and material and manufacturing
  • Faulty operation, lack of skill, negligence, malicious acts
  • Tearing apart on account of centrifugal force
  • Physical explosion, flue gas explosion in boilers
  • Electrical causes such as short circuit
  • Shortage of water in boilers
  • Storm, frost, drifting ice

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